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Monster Tree Service Offers Tips to Reduce the Risk of Tree Damage During Hurricanes

While two major hurricanes have already made landfall in the US this year, and another recently ripped through Puerto Rico, we’re still weeks away from hurricane season’s conclusion.   Tropical storms will continue to form throughout October, not to mention heavy thunderstorms that can wreak havoc as well.  So, it’s important for homeowners to prepare NOW, protecting against downed trees and limbs crashing into their homes, cutting off their streets, and knocking out their powerlines.

With that in mind, the experts at Monster Tree Service, the nation’s first and fastest growing tree care franchise, would like to share some advice on steps you can take today to prepare for the storms ahead.

Tips on spotting diseased, or dying trees, that fall more easily.  Check for…

  • Patches of smooth wood; no new covering bark
  • Bare branches at times when they should be full
  • Insects – decaying wood attracts them and they cause problems
  • Holes in the trunk
  • Large fungus – it looks like shelving running up the trunk. A good indicator the tree is dead and rotting.

These trees are clear candidates for removal by Monster Tree Service professionals, especially if they are close to your home, play areas, pools, power lines, or other external buildings on your property. Large limbs, or even the whole tree could collapse suddenly, injuring anyone close by, or damaging buildings.

Other signs a tree could become a danger to your home and family:

  • Vertical cracks, splitting, and other severe damage to a tree’s trunk
  • Major roots severed, or broken, or the tree is partially uprooted
  • Noticeable leaning due to a recent storm
  • Large, broken limbs
  • Damage to tree crown

The expert arborists with Monster Tree Service can advise you if the tree can be saved, and what must be done to do so.  Monster Tree Service would rather try to rehabilitate and preserve trees, rather than just take them down.

And of course, AVOID tree service scammers.  Sadly, they’re all over.   Be cautious and…

  • Beware “too good to be true” offers. Watch out for unsolicited offers, bargain deals, and out-of-state companies claiming they’ll do the work super cheap.
  • Ask for proof of liability and workers comp coverage. Check with insurance companies to make sure the policies are in force
  • Ask for references and check them
  • Ask to see driver’s licenses, and copy those numbers down, as well as tag numbers on all vehicles
  • Have signed agreements with specific instructions on all work to be performed, including clean-up
  • Never pay up front, or in cash for any proposed work

Scammers flock to heavily damaged storm areas, looking for quick cash in return for shoddy work, if any work at all. They prey on people anxious to clear their property, and often suggest other, expensive, unnecessary work needs to be done.

Our experts at Monster Tree Service are fully licensed and bonded, and will inspect your property, thoroughly, with you, before doing any work. This way, we can tell you what service needs to be done, and what doesn’t, eliminating any costly confusion, or dissatisfaction.

Take care of your home and family as you prepare for the rest of hurricane season and the cold winter months ahead.   Give us a call at Monster Tree Service for a free estimate at 888.744.0155 – we’ve got your back!

And if you’re interested in providing these services to customers in your backyard as a Monster Tree Service franchise owner, get started at

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