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How Do Monster Tree Franchise Partners Add Qualified Employees to Their Team?

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At Monster Tree Service, we and our franchise partners face the same macroeconomic realities; however, we do so with a number of advantages that aid franchise partners in locating and retaining qualified workers who want to build their own careers with Monster Tree.

Valerie Bowser is our National Talent Director, and she provided an inside view of how Monster Tree works with our franchise partners to create magnetic career partnerships with qualified employees. Her insight and finely-honed skill set is a tremendous asset to Monster Tree Service; franchisees should not hesitate to reach out for additional advice, insight and assistance in regard to staffing.

Good Tactics

Of course, Monster Tree franchisees must do far more than just post a job opening online, given how many companies in nearly every metro area across the country — including Monster Tree competitors — are scouting for the same human factor.

“Try a few different avenues and find out what works best for your market,” Bowser advises Monster Tree franchise owners. “Internships and college and university career fairs are important. Especially those in instruction programs that are closely related to what we do at Monster Tree, such as Urban Forestry and Plant Science.”

Bowser, in fact, launched Monster Tree’s first internship program soon after she joined the company in late 2017. The program helps Monster Tree franchise partners across the country provide potential future employees with a taste of what a career with Monster Tree would be like — and also serves as a handy form of auxiliary staffing for franchise holders.

Great Backgrounds

Referrals are helpful, too. Bowser and her team in talent acquisition at Monster Tree Service’s corporate office — a team that has grown from three people to 15 under her watch — are also eager to help our franchise partners.

Franchisees should seek out employees who have more than just the required skills, education and background required to do the work: They should search for reliability, a strong work ethic, a curiosity and desire to learn, a sense of responsibility — all the characteristics that suggest future leadership potential.

Why Monster Tree Service

Monster Tree Service has much to offer potential employees. As a group of people who are passionate about making the world a better place, the Monster Tree Service team is committed to serving both humans and trees with professional, caring, high-quality service. Bowser tells job candidates that her company offers all the benefits of a large operation with the nurturing culture of a family atmosphere because they will be working for our individual owner/operators. As a result, Monster Tree often has high employee satisfaction.

In any event, our approach seems to be working: In the first quarter of 2019, Monster Tree was rewarded with a 90 percent acceptance rate in our offers of jobs to about 100 potential new employees.

If you’re already a Monster Tree franchise partner, let us know how we can help you secure the employees you need to grow! If you’re considering becoming a franchise partner, find more information at

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