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Ryan Zink: A Deep Dive into “Monstrous” Growth with Monster Tree Service

Ryan Zink

Monster Tree Service is the only franchise brand serving the $17 billion tree service industry, which is growing at a clip of nearly 5% every year. There are already 29 franchised outlets across 10 states, generating more than $11 million in system-wide sales.  And Monster Tree Service is aiming to award 100 franchise territories and exceed $100 million in system wide sales by 2021.

Josh Skolnick, the CEO and Founder of Monster Tree Service, is the driving force behind the franchise. He’s a high energy visionary who has built a sustainable brand with tremendous upside (learn more about his story here).

Josh’s passion and vision are main reasons why Ryan Zink, the CEO and co-founder of Franchise Fastlane, has partnered with Monster Tree Service.  Zink and Franchise Fastlane are experts in franchise development. Zink sees a huge opportunity with Monster Tree Service, and believes the company is built for excellence. In a recent interview, he talks about his company, the power of the Monster Tree Service franchise opportunity, and Josh Skolnick’s relentless drive for excellence.

Q – Ryan, you were bitten by the franchising “bug” early on, right?


Ryan Zink (RZ) – Right out of college, I went to work for a guy who owned a GNC franchise. I learned a lot from him, and eventually helped him grow his business to 15 stores, 5 of which were among the top selling stores in the country.

From there, I grew other successful franchise companies.  One of which, Complete Nutrition, boomed to 190 units, nationwide. I sold to private investors last year, but still serve on the board of directors.

I’m also a franchisee, owning an Orange Theory Fitness franchise – a high intensity, personal fitness concept.

Q – So, your consulting company, Franchise Fastlane, grew out of these experiences?

RZ – Yes, but almost by necessity! I signed a non-compete when I sold Complete Nutrition, so I was pretty much out of a business I had grown up in and knew inside out.

However, I figured I could use all the franchise expertise I had gained from founding, owning, growing and selling companies to help other franchise entrepreneurs. Many are looking for guidance on growth, capital accumulation, and hiring, plus finding qualified potential franchisees.   That’s why I co-founded Franchise Fastlane with my business partner, Carey Gille.

Q – What attracted Franchise Fastlane to Monster Tree Service?


RZ – First, Josh Skolnick has done a phenomenal job strategically growing Monster Tree Service since he started franchising in 2012. He offers one of the most unique, high-upside business models in a professional tree service industry that possesses so much untapped potential.   The company is poised for explosive growth because it’s the first and only franchise system to offer comprehensive tree services, including emergency servicestree/shrub trimming and pruningplant healthcaretree planting and tree removal.   Josh also has the energy and passion shared by all phenomenal franchise leaders.   He is “all-in” in on growing his business and is committed to the success of all Monster Tree Service franchise partners.

Q – What are some examples of Josh’s “all-in” mentality and how does it elevate the franchise?             


RZ – First, Josh is in it for the long haul, and isn’t looking for short term gains. He is committed to growing the company’s infrastructure, providing even greater, centralized support for franchisees.

He’s also invested in partnerships, such as those with Franchise Fastlane and 919 Marketing, to help him create a larger market footprint and stronger franchise relationships – ultimately, accelerating growth. He’s a results-oriented, “get it done” kind of guy, especially when it comes to his franchisees.

One specific example: he recently spent $90K to buy a state of the art piece of lift equipment, then tested it himself to see if it could save time and money for franchisees looking for height and maneuverability advantages. He wouldn’t recommend it until he checked it out first. Not many business owners are willing to take that financial approach.

Q – So, what other positive attributes do you see in owning a Monster Tree Service franchise?

RZ – Josh offers world class training in all facets of tree service, including a heavy emphasis on safety.

Plus, there is unbelievable opportunity for fast growth and income for all franchisees because Monster Tree Service offers so much more than the standard “two chucks in a truck, with chainsaws” mom-and-pop style business.

We are seeing franchisee revenue at almost $600K in sales in their first year. By their third year, they are making more nearly $900,000 in sales.   Monster Tree Service’s corporate office helps each franchisee push for this kind of rapid growth with proven online and guerilla marketing tactics.   Local franchisees receive dozens of inbound online sales leads each month that are supplemented by word-of-mouth accelerated by the signs, door-hangers, and flyers left behind after each project.   Plus, the franchisees themselves do a great job building business to business relationships and outstanding referral networks.

The snowball effect in play for each franchisee who commits completely to the system is truly powerful.

Q – What qualities are you and Monster Tree Service looking for in franchisee candidates?

RZ – We’re looking for candidates who have a net worth of $250K, and liquid assets of $100K. They don’t have to be an arborist, or on the job every day, but must have the ability to put in at least 15 hours a week to help set up the business infrastructure.

We’re also looking for people who can work well in a franchise program, by following the proven, successful systems Josh initiated and refined. Candidates also need to have the personality to handle the little “day to day” challenges of the business, as well.

This is a high upside business with plenty of untapped potential.   We’re speaking with a new batch of qualified prospects daily who are interested in the Monster Tree Service.  There’s never been a better time to join the Monster Tree Service franchise family!

If you are interested in an opportunity to be involved with the country’s first, and fastest growing, professional tree service franchise, Monster Tree Service would like to talk to you.  Feel free to check out other Q&A’s with successful owners Rich Baldyga and Michael Weiss.

You, too, could be creating a healthier, more beautiful environment, with greater potential for success as a Monster Tree Service franchise business owner. Please visit for more details.

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