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Scott Hilary – A Commitment to Franchisee Support

Scott Hillary

Scott’s willingness to assist wherever he is needed has played a critical role in the company’s overall growth. Monster Tree Service is the nation’s first and fastest-growing tree service franchise and has taken 2018 by storm.

We recently talked with Scott about his unique role within Monster Tree Service and  discussed where he saw the company going.

Monster Tree Service (MTS): Scott, you found out about Monster Tree Service in a unique way. Can you tell us about that?

Scott Hilary (SH): Sure. I’m very good friends with the CEO and Founder, Josh Skolnick and am actually married to his sister. That’s how I first found out about Monster Tree Service. I was ready for a career change and decided to come on board. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about the tree care industry and have worked my way up.

MTS: What’s it like working with Josh?

SH: Josh is unlike any other boss I’ve ever had –in a good way! Once Josh trusts you, he lets you be pretty autonomous. When I was first starting out, I had to run ideas by him constantly, but as I’ve gotten more experience, Josh has let me have more freedom to make my own decisions. He knows that I’m capable of acting in the best interest of the company, and I feel valued as an employee.

Josh and I work really well together. We’ve done a good job of separating our personal and professional relationships. However, because of the nature of our varied interactions, I get to see him in all kinds of settings. As a result, I know that he has a good moral compass and sound judgment. Knowing him as a person gives me even more confidence in him as a business owner and boss.

MTS: That makes a lot of sense. Can you tell us a little more about your role within Monster Tree Service?

SH: I help wherever I’m needed. I’ve been in the world of franchising for about four years now, and I would say my main role is to offer support. I help people go from knowing nothing about trees to being full-blown experts. I specialize in franchisee support, but I also dabble a little in day-to-day business, marketing, sales and even operations occasionally. I’m willing to step in and do what’s necessary to help our company continue to grow.

MTS: You certainly do a lot for Monster Tree Service’s growth. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

SH:  We’ve recently seen tremendous growth, and we want to keep that going. We are aiming to double the number of franchisees in our system by year-end. We also are trying to find a software company that will tailor a system to our specific needs. Right now, we are using basic software that works, but there is room to improve. We are looking to either find a system that works for us or maybe even develop a proprietary system.

From my perspective, I’m looking for continued, controlled growth. I do not want to grow past what we can handle and handle well. I want to bring in employees and franchisees that are driven and consistently produce a high level of quality work. And finally, as always, my goal is to continue to provide each and every franchisee with the same great level of service.

MTS: Those are certainly noteworthy goals for this year. What about long-term? What are your hopes for the future of Monster Tree Service?

SH:  My long-term goals revolve mostly around Monster Tree’s continued, controlled growth. In the near future, I would like to see a Monster Tree Service franchise in every state in the U.S.  I would want our brand recognition to continue to grow and for us to be one of the most well-known tree service providers in the country. I want franchisees to reach out to us and ask for the brand to come to their area. With increased brand recognition, the rest will follow.

MTS: Absolutely. Thus far, you’ve had a great career. What would you say is the key to your success?

SH: While there is no magic key to success, I do believe you won’t get far without building solid relationships. I’m very lucky to work with respectful, dedicated people who put their best foot forward. Everyone is willing to step up when needed. We all understand that sometimes you have to work late and go beyond what is in your job description. That commitment and drive has made a huge difference in our long-term success. We started at ground level and grew it into the franchise it is today through hard work and quality relationships.

MTS: Besides those relationships, what has been your favorite part about being a part of Monster Tree Service?

SH: My favorite part of working with Monster has definitely been watching the business grow. I love seeing old and new franchisees connect as we open more and more locations. Certainly, we’ve hit a few rough patches, seen some ups and downs, but ultimately, it’s all been worth it. Monster Tree Service started as a small operation, run out of a home. Now we have a full-blown corporate office with franchise locations across the country. It’s been a joy to watch as we all work together and see our hard work pay off!

If you are a driven, motivated entrepreneur looking to build strong relationships and achieve personal and professional growth, consider joining the Monster Tree Service team as a franchisee.

To find out more about the country’s first and fastest-growing professional tree service company, please vissit for more information.

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